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We understand you have your own preferences and limitations on the partnership framework, that's why we value flexibility on our side. We have defined and practiced multiple structures such as:


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If you really want to experience co-creation, you need to first form an empathetic team with your customers alongside professional behavior. I think this is the most important reason we would like to have more experience with the paradigm.

Atefeh Shafiee

Metime - CEO & Founder

Paradigm is where we go when we are stuck or our ideas are over. So far we have always reached a conclusion. Brilliant team with brilliant minds.

Ilia Vakili

Arvan Cloud - Chief Growth Officer

The most important characteristic of the creative team of Paradigm is that it is flexible among professionals and delivers exactly the product required by the customer. Therefore kindly modifies the project until customer satisfaction.

Mehdi Hashemi

Parsian Bank

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How We Work

We understand you have your own preferences and limitations on the partnership framework, that's why we value flexibility on our side. We have defined and practiced multiple structures such as:

Project basis:We plan everything in advance for an end-to-end project we kick-start as soon as the proposal is confirmed. This is our most common framework.

Hourly basis:Whatever service you need, we can deliver in an organized, report-based hourly format. We guarantee consistent quality and availability.

Dedicated team:We hire and dedicate a team for you as part of your business. We supervise everything, optimize performance and commit to deliverables. Works best with frequent scope/requirement changes and long-term partnerships.

Custom framework:We can define a framework based on your particular preference. Whether you are just starting up or need a team to work alongside your current departments. Let's talk! Shortly after a briefing meeting with you, we will come up with a tailor-made proposal for the partnership style that works for your business.

We take communication really seriously!

Effective communication is essential when working with any team outside your organization. With tools built for online collaboration, we make sure everyone is on the same page. Kanban boards, live documents, regular meetings, and uncluttered reporting format helps us remove any possible barrier in our partnership.

Start small!

It's always common for partnerships to seem unclear at the beginning. We believe starting a long-term collaboration with a small project can sometimes help. We can elaborate on what suits your business best for a considerate kick-start at our first meeting.

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How We Think

In the world of constant change we live in, it’s becoming harder than ever to bring an idea to the world that people love. Understanding business requirements and coming up with user-centric results require a consistent and thoughtful process in this paradigm shift.
Process-driven design and development is at the core of our philosophy at Paradigm and every service we provide. The creative mindset that works for business and technology expertise that delivers. Fundamentals of our four-step process includes:

Empathize:We start with understanding your business needs, problems, and goals. We also extend our knowledge of your audience and market at this step by research, interview, and benchmarking.

Strategies:Organizing gathered requirement helps us to start ideation and planning. Careful definition of the problem, scoping the project, and targeting the market opportunity happens at the strategy phase.

Build:Perfect execution according to the plan. We design, develop and create everything needed at this stage. With strong attention to detail, we may come up with multiple alternatives for early results or discuss different solutions with you.

Deliver:A success story doesn’t finish with the building. We make sure what we built works for you and your team. Whether is launching an app we built together or it’s onboarding your in-house team on the refreshed brand identity, we make sure results are valid, lovable, and actionable.

Design and development are never done in the digital era. You are always gathering data and customer insights to build better products. We are here to help you build a framework for an iterative lifecycle to help your product remain competitive. Let's chat about your business

Meet our team of experienced and talented designer, developer and project managers.

Sepehr Beygi

Co-founder & Managing Partner

Rasam Rostami

Co-founder & Managing Partner

Arash Shoghi

Managing Partner

Maral Vafaie

Managing Partner


What is product design?

Let us know about your project. We will discuss your vision, current stage, and preferred partnership framework, then we will come up with a free proposal shortly.

How much does it cost to develop a new product?

They say good UI design is invisible. It doesn't get in the way of users, puts content first, represents your visual brand identity, and it's accessible by people with disabilities.

What makes a product successful?

UI design is the visual layer of the digital product with graphics, colors, and animations. UI designers commonly take UX design results as their work input. UX focuses on how a product is structured behind the visual layer, how users access different functions, and how they find it easy to use and understand. Both disciplines are iterative, process-driven parts of product design.

How can I increase my product sales?

One business cannot fully benefit from an interface designed for another business's product. There are also common patterns and structures used in all products, but still, any component of a design job that is determined as a creative idea can be protected with copyright as long as it's not merely visual and aesthetics.

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We love to hear from you! Whatever service your business needs in design and development, we got you covered. We have extended experience in partnerships and are available for your project.

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