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Product Design

Your product defines your business. Mobile applications, websites, and other similar digital products require immense attention to design. To make sure they are as effective as possible for your business and strategy. We design user interfaces and user experiences that serve and delight your audience.

  • UI Design
    To make your product look & feel amazingMore Details
  • UX Design
    To ensure your product works as your audience desireMore Details
  • Design Management
    To create a framework for design processMore Details

Sabavision Online Ad Agency Platform

SabaVision is a large online ad agency and Vplus, its advertising platform needs a new approach for the new users.

Brand Identity

Branding is a disciplined process used to build awareness, attract new customers, and extend customer loyalty, your brand is what your audience thinks of you. Brand identity, on the other hand, is tangible. You can feel it and it’s always visible where your brand is. Brand identity is the presentation that makes your brand recognizable among many. We provide design solutions to businesses that put branding processes on their core values.

  • Complete ‌Brand identity
    To create an integrated brandMore Details
  • Logo & Brand Elements
    To create long-lasting visual elements for your brandMore Details
  • Rebranding
    To rethink it thoroughly and redesign the whole brandMore Details
  • Creative Production
    To bring creativity into the brand communicationsMore Details

Fakir Agency Rebranding

Fakir Informatik needed a refreshed brand identity. Fakir is about managing connecting developers to businesses and managing the relationship to outperform expectations.


There is no doubt technology is evolving so rapidly. The software world is thriving and the decent functionality of your digital product shows just how capable your company is. Every feature, web service, screen, or experience that delights your customer needs a well-thought-out technology behind it. We work with a range of technologies, practices, and methodologies to take care of everything. We engineer products so that your users would have a smooth, appealing, and reliable experience. Also, we make sure results are well-maintained and supported even after launch.

  • Custom Web Application
    To bring a professionally designed website into lifeMore Details
  • Mobile Application
    To create an efficient, scalable, and maintainable mobile experienceMore Details
  • E-Commerce
    To transform your thriving business into an online identityMore Details
Zamin Carpooling App

Zamin Carpooling App

Zamin is a gamified, community-based platform that enables car owners who would otherwise drive alone to carpool with their peers in a turn-taking manner.


If you are an entrepreneur who came up with a disruptive idea but doesn’t know how to assemble a team or where to start, or you are you an investor in non-tech sectors but wish to begin your journey on tech startups, or even if you an enterprise manager who wants to find a competitive edge in your market, we got you covered! In the past few years, we’ve worked with more than 40 clients in different industries, helping them build their companies, start new initiatives and grow their current offerings. We offer comprehensive services regarding Where to Start, What to Do, How to Do it.

  • Business Plan & Road Map
    To take the business aspect what it requiresMore Details
  • MVP & Product
    To create a product fit to early stages of your businessMore Details
  • Team and Hiring
    To find the right combination of talentsMore Details

Dayzi Online Groceries App

Online Groceries app that focuses on fast delivery to urban and rural areas of Sari, Iran. Products will be delivered from small and large grocery stores around the city.


Matching the right talents for available positions in the company will always be a challenge for HR managers and small business owners. With the advent of remote working tools for communications and project management, it’s possible to attract global talents more than ever. Attracting, Assessing, and Negotiating with talented prospects on a global scale in addition to legal compliances are a real headache and require extensive knowledge and effort.Here in Paradigm, we have access to a large pool of talents in the technology and design sectors. These talents are cost-efficient as well as professional in their respective fields

  • Attracting talents
    To find the right remote designer or engineer for your teamMore Details
  • Evaluating candidates
    To shortlist perfect candidates for your job positionsMore Details
  • Legal compliances
    To clear your head from legal bindings on every marketMore Details
  • Payroll and Money transfer
    To make the payroll for remote workers hassle-freeMore Details
Radiant Services Enterprise Software

Radiant Services Enterprise Software

An enterprise software to manage different processes on Radiant Industrial Laundry based in California, US.

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